We’ve Gone Green!

By August 20, 2020Blog

At Growing Smiles, we are always looking for ways to reduce both our carbon footprint and the amount of waste we produce. One of the biggest ways we are able to do this is by converting to digital forms! Some of our families have already had the opportunity to try out these forms and we are continually working on using the feedback we receive to make accessing and completing them more seamless.

One of the greatest perks we have in using digital forms is that you are now able to complete your child’s medical history and updates records from ANYWHERE! They are accessible on your phone, your computer or on our iPad here in the office. They can be found on our website or texted or emailed directly to you upon your request. We understand the new technology can be challenging, but we have found that it is making our check-in process smoother and allowing for a cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly experience.

In addition to digital forms; we have begun the transition from plastic toothbrush baggies to paper toothbrush baggies. Even the smallest changes can have the greatest impact on our environment and we are always looking for new ways to go greener!