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Special Care Dentistry

Extra Care

No two children are the same. At Growing Smiles, we see a wide range of children from one to 12 years old and those with special health needs. We promise to always go out of our way to tailor our appointments to fit your child’s needs. Our team is trained in behavior management techniques to help make visits comfortable and fun!

Most children need a little extra comfort during their first few pediatric dental visits to familiarize themselves to this new experience. Special care dentistry provides customized health care to children affected by physical, psychological or mental disabilities. Usually, these individuals need added assistance while undergoing and learning about their dental treatment. Children with special needs may have a higher incidence for various oral issues, such as gum disease, cavities or other problems, so it is important to find a qualified pediatric dentist in Grand Rapids for your child.

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Building Relationships

Your child has unique capabilities and Dr. Meggan takes the time to individually learn who your child is and how best to approach your family’s unique situation. Some children are sensitive to touch, new people, and even a change of environment or routine. Dr. Meggan and her team realize this and will do their best to ensure your child is always seen by the same team member — and treated in the same room and chair. Our team will also assist in teaching your family about efficient dental habits you can help your child with at home.

Some situations may call for protective stabilization or mild sedation during a dental procedure, while some cases may require care at a local hospital for a more extensive treatment. Depending on your child and the severity of the procedure, we can help you decide on the best approach. Dr. Meggan has been trained in behavior guidance, sedation and a variety of other techniques to make sure your child is comfortable throughout their visit, based on their health needs.

For more information about any of Dr. Meggan’s preventative pediatric dental services in Grand Rapids, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today or call us during normal business hours at 616.988.9485.

Sensory-Friendly Environment

There are a lot of sensations involved in a visit to the dentist. Here at Growing Smiles, we have training on sensory processing differences and the impact it has on a person’s experience at the dentist. We strive to make the appropriate accommodations to make your child as comfortable as possible. We believe that parents are the experts on their children and would love to collaborate with you to help your child have a successful visit. Our office is equipped with lots of fidgets, weighted blankets, projector lights, and more!
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We want to help your child feel comfortable with their dental hygiene, which is why we’ve provided some helpful resources. Our oral seeking tips, toothbrushing tricks, and step-by-step chart on the dental cleaning process are all designed to promote good dental habits and help your child feel confident about taking care of their teeth. Download these printables today to support your child’s healthy smile!

If your child struggles with toothbrushing at home, check out this handout for tips to accommodate different sensory needs!

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Check out this handout for information on the relationship between mouthing and sensory needs.

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To help your child understand the steps of a cleaning, we have visual schedules to use throughout the visit

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Let's Visit the Dentist!

To help your child prepare for their upcoming visit, read this social story with them! A social story is a tool that provides pictures and descriptions of a situation in order to help the child understand what will happen. This can give them a chance to build coping skills and prepare themselves for the sensations they might experience prior to coming. It may be helpful to read this story multiple times leading up to your child’s appointment to best prepare them for a successful visit!

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