Silver Diamine Fluoride: What is it? Why do we use it?

By April 13, 2021Blog

Silver Diamine Fluoride or SDF as it’s known around here, is a medicine we use as a way to help prevent small cavities from progressing.

Here at Growing Smiles, prevention is our goal! If we can help to keep your child cavity free then we’ve done our job! We know that life happens and proper brushing/flossing isn’t always a reality. In the event we take tooth pictures and they show the beginning of a cavity in between the teeth, we may recommend SDF.

The purpose of the SDF is to help stop the small cavity from growing larger and thus needing a filling or crown to fix it. The silver acts as a natural bacteria killer and the fluoride helps to repair the damage to the tooth. Sometimes it is used in our little ones as a way to prevent the cavities from growing since they are not yet ready to have treatment completed in the office. We want all of our patient visits to be successful so we will do our best to help build trust and give them the confidence in themselves prior to completing treatment in the office.

Silver Diamine Fluoride has a minimally invasive, quick and easy application process. It is painted on the tooth with a small brush or if in between the teeth, painted onto a piece of thick floss to ensure the area is covered. It is most effective if applied twice with at least a two-week interval between. This product will stain the affected areas a dark brown/black color. When in between the back teeth it will likely not be noticeable. In front teeth, we know it is not the most aesthetically pleasing but most often it will be fixed with fillings when the child is ready to have the treatment completed or it can stay until the tooth naturally falls out. This product can be successful if proper oral home care is taking place too.

Do you have more questions about SDF? Give our office a call and we would be happy to answer all your questions!