School Visits

At Growing Smiles, we enjoy visiting with children during a school visit to teach them about proper nutrition and correct brushing and flossing techniques — while familiarizing them with what they may expect when they visit the dentist.

The Growing Smiles Dental Education Program is a fun, interactive, and engaging program which encourages student participation. We are happy to offer the program in two fun-filled options:

1. School Visit

We can visit your school or day care. We bring items from our office to familiarize the children with them in a “show and tell.” We also talk with the children about healthy eating habits to promote healthy teeth and bodies.

2. Dental Office Tour

We offer “field trips” where children are welcome to tour our office. They can have their pictures taken in a dental chair, touch equipment and learn about healthy brushing and eating habits.

If you have questions about our school programs or would like to schedule a school visit or field trip, please call us at 616.988.9485.

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