Our Plan to Keep You and Your Family Safe

By June 9, 2020Blog

During the COVID-19 shutdown, our team worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the health and safety of our team and families upon returning to work. Above is how we intend to carry out appointments moving forward. We aren’t sure when we will be able to operate under more “normal” guidelines, but for now this is what our colleagues in the field and researchers are saying are the best ways to mitigate risk for exposure to the COVID-19 virus. In addition, every morning our team is answering their own COVID-19 screening questions and doing a temperature check to ensure they are well enough to work. They are asked to wear masks at all times in the building and to maintain social distancing whenever possible.

As always, we are doing our very best to make each appointment fun, comfortable and as easy as possible for each of our patients and families. We ask that you bear with us through the changes and if you see anything you think could use improvement, do not hesitate to let one of our teammates know. We are always looking for ways to be efficient and safe.

Dr. Meggan recently sat down with Todd at Fox 17 to discuss some of these changes.