Office Updates – COVID-19

By March 16, 2020Blog

Hello, this is Dr. Meggan. On this Sunday evening I wanted to update you and your family on the evolving Coronavirus situation. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world who are on the front line working to contain this coronavirus. Please know that we are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation  and have precautions in place to ensure a healthy visit at our office.

The American Dental Association is in continual contact with the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and will keep us updated as new recommendations are made. It is the current recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control that it remains safe for you to visit our office for all routine dental care including cleanings. We continue to exceed the Universal Precautions recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and have also been putting into place additional measures to ensure your and your child’s safety.

I have taken measures to be in communication with your dental team this Sunday afternoon to put into place additional measures prior to beginning our work day on Monday morning. We already focus on 4 primary areas when it comes to a safe dental environment.

1) The entire treatment room is disinfected between patients with chemical wipes and sprays which kill all bacteria and viruses including the coronavirus. This includes wiping down and disinfecting all counter tops, dental chairs and equipment.

2) Disposable single use items such as chair covers, light handle covers and suctions devices are used once and disposed of.

3) All instruments that are placed into your mouth are heat, steam sterilized in our  Autoclave and we test our autoclave daily and on each cycle  within the packs and wraps as well.

4) Proper personal protective equipment measures help to ensure that our team is suited to prevent the spread of disease.

Today we are implementing new protocols based upon the Centers for Disease Control recommendations for Social Distancing. As you will see we have removed several chairs from our family room. Additionally, all magazines and toys and decorative items have been eliminated. Our reception area and front desk will be wiped down and disinfected continually. We will discontinue our complimentary beverage service for the time being to reduce risk for exposure. We have put into place a concierge service where if you are more comfortable remaining in your car Erica and Gigi will let you know by text when we are ready to escort your child directly to their treatment room. Please let them know if you would like this option by texting or calling us. We will be removing all non-essential items from our treatment rooms as well.   Hand sanitizer will be available for your personal use throughout the office. 

In order to safeguard other patients and our team, if you or your children have a cough, cold, fever, or flu like symptoms, have recently traveled outside of the country or to a hotspot in the United States please do not come to our office for your scheduled appointment.  If you have been around any sick individuals or anyone with a confirmed COVID-19 positive test, please do not come to your appointment. Please call and notify our team and they will reschedule your child for a future time. We will be screening all patients as they enter and may choose to reschedule if needed. 

We understand the governor has closed schools and childcare remains a concern for many families.  We ask that if possible, only the child or children with scheduled appointments be brought to the office. If you must bring additional children with you, we ask that you bring activities to keep them occupied and remain with them in your vehicle during your child’s scheduled appointment.  In an effort to follow the social distancing recommendations we will only be allowing one parent back with their child and advise that you allow your child  to come back alone when possible to decrease exposures. If you can’t meet these recommendations we ask kindly that you reschedule your visit until a later date to protect yourself, our team and our family of patients.

One last thought, during a time of fear, stress and uncertainty, our dental health remains a top priority. These added stresses have shown to compromise our immune system’s ability to fight infection. Now is a time for action. Brush, floss, and continue to visit your own dentist to maintain optimal dental health.  Rest assured that our office will be doing all it can to remain informed and to keep you informed and as safe as we can while this continues to unfold.

Our spectrum surgical cases have been cancelled by the hospital until April 3 as of the most recent communication. If this applies to your child, our surgical coordinator, Gina, will be reaching out to you shortly to help reschedule your child’s surgery. As always, if your child is experiencing dental pain, please call us so we can address their needs.

I am confident that by working together, we will get through this temporary situation as we work to keep you and yours as well as our team as safe and healthy as we can. 

Sincerely and with love,

Dr. Meggan