History of National Children’s Dental Health Month

By February 1, 2021Blog

You may have heard about February being National Children’s Dental Health Month from the dentist or your kid’s school. This is typically the month that the dental professionals enter your child’s school to teach them about proper oral health care. This year we thought it would be cool to fill you in on the history of NCDHM.

It all started back in 1941 in Cleveland, OH with a fun day-long event surrounding the importance of children’s dental health. That same year Akron, OH celebrated for a week! The concept grew from just those two cities to a nationwide program that held it’s first national observance on February 8, 1949. It wasn’t long until it became a weeklong event in 1955 and then finally a month-long celebration in 1981!

The concept of NCDHM is to bring awareness of oral health to all communities across the country. The hope is to build good oral hygiene habits early to help children maintain healthy mouths into adulthood. It takes dental professionals, teachers and parents to work as a team to make this goal a reality! Your children look up to you, so by developing good habits for your self you will help instill that in them too.