COVID-19 Updates March 30, 2020

By April 1, 2020Blog
Hello Growing Smiles family and friends,
We hope our email finds you well and we hope for health and safety for you and your family, now and always. Due to the executive order, our team is home, but we’re all keeping connected and our doctors are working hard to make sure that when we are able to return to the office we will be ramping up our usual best practices with even more protections in place as well as working hard to get everyone back into our schedule. As of right now, all in office and surgical procedures are cancelled through April 30. Our business team will contact you to reschedule once we know an actual date that we will be returning. We will continue to keep up with the current recommendations from our organizations and government and will be sure to keep you informed on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting our office. Dr. Meggan explains in the video (watch below) what you can expect in the coming weeks.
We want to remind you all that we are available for urgent or emergent treatment needs. Our doctors can triage over the phone, via video messaging or through photos as needed to best assess the needs of your little one. Dr. Meggan will be providing video updates to you to keep you current and to stay connected at at time when we are unable to see everyone in person.
Remember, prevention is always important and even more so in these unprecedented circumstances. Be sure to help your kids brush twice per day and especially flossing food and debri out from between teeth or in deep cavity areas to help prevent the spread of disease. Practice good hand hygiene before and after assisting your child.
If you have questions you want answered, please ask and  if they pertain to everyone, Dr. M will address them in her video updates and/or we will reach out to you personally. Always feel free to reach out with a text, email or message us on social media. For emergencies only however, please contacts us at 616-988-9485, press option 1.
We care about your child’s teeth and any potential problem areas and we know they are important. Dr. Meggan and Dr. Chris are assessing each unique situation as they arise to determine the best course of action while also attempting to minimize the risk of exposure from COVID-19 to your family as well as our team. We look forward to when we can re-open our office to see you all again!
Also, if you’re looking for fun ideas to help pass the time with your kids, check our stories out daily on Instagram or Facebook for fun crafts or one of our GPSD team members reading a book to our social audience.
We’ll check in with you next week, but for now stay home and stay safe!